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NCPR Gym Floor renovation

Impact Area: Health and Wellness, Social Equity
Region: Northeast

Our goal during this project is to raise funding to provide a safe playing surface for our youth to continue to play the sports they love.

$6,725 Raised out of $20,000
20 Donors
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About this project.

Our project connects with wellness and social equity by promoting the health of area youth by providing a venue for physical exercise and social interaction across all social stratums.  Northampton County is one of the poorest counties in the state of Virginia, with very limited recreational opportunities.  The basketball programs among other programs sponsored by Northampton County Parks and Recreation offer one of the few programs open to all walks of life and have proven very popular with the area’s youth.  These programs are in danger of being terminated because of legal concerns about the state of the gym playing floor.  We currently have 1,507 participants and spectators throughout the year that are involved with the Northampton County Parks and Recreation programs, but we are very concerned we will lose the ability to host these programs if someone gets hurt playing on the gym floor which has lost most of its finish and is very slippery.

What our Northampton County Parks and Recreation programs will accomplish if we reach our funding goal is the continuation of popular recreational programs, such as our youth basketball program that provides 200 kids ages 5-16 an opportunity to learn and expand on their basketball fundamentals.  Currently programs like our youth basketball program is in danger of being shut down by liability concerns. 

How will this impact your community?

The impact this project would have on our community's youth would be exponential.  this project would provide a safe venue for Northampton County's youth to participate in the programs they love.  It would diminish the liability threat of shutting down the facility that houses a majority of Northampton County Parks and Recreation's programs.  These programs offer the Northampton County community an opportunity to participate in family friendly events that teach all ages the value of sportsmanship, sport fundamentals, and promotes healthy lifestyles.

About us!

Northampton County is one of the poorest counties in the state of Virginia, with 26.57% of the household earning less than $15,000 annunally plus a childhood poverty rate of 33.4%.  Northampton County Parks and Recreation department is utilized by the majority of the community in Northampton County. The NCPR department provides safe, family friendly environments to all of Northampton County's resisdence in the capacity of teaching fundamentals of sports and friendly competition.

The community and Northampton Co. Parks and Recreation is under-served because the facilities provided by the local Board of Supervisors which are not sufficiently large enough to meet the needs of the population and are deteriorating. 

The Northampton County Parks and Recreation department hosts over half of its programs in the former Northampton Middle School gym.  The building has been shut down as a working public school and is now under the managment of the Northampton County Board of Supervisors.  This building was orginially used as the first African American High School in Northampton County, so you can imagine the history as well as the detoriation of the building due to lack of funding to maintain it properly. All of the programs held in this facility are in danger of being shut down due to liability concerns.  If we are able to accomplish our funding goal is would mean the continuation of much needed and very popular recreational programs such as our youth basketball program.  Currently the gym floor that is used to play on has lost most of its finish and is very slipppery, we are very concern that participants will get injuried and we will no longer be able to provide these valuable services to the community. 


Our timeline for this project if we can meet our funding goal is to begin bidding as soon as we have reached our goal.  We have reached out to several vendors and they are eagerly waiting for the bidding process to begin.  We hope to have this project moving and completed within a 30 day time line of accepting the funding.