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Fountain Creek is the Pathway of History

Impact Area: Conservation
Region: Mid West

This project will bring to life the natural and cultural history of Fountain Creek with a unique exhibit displayed at the nature center.

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About this project.

This exhibit seeks to tell unique stories of people’s dependence on water for food and irrigation, water use issues and conflicts, water as a navigational guide, water pollution, and the effect of flooding on the health of the creek.  This project will cement partnerships the nature center has forged with a local college, university, museum and students at a local high school.  Through this interactive exhibit, visitors will leave with a clearer understanding of the Fountain Creek Watershed, the creek’s vital role in a healthy landscape, past and current challenges including flooding, erosion and sedimentation, and the need to nurture good stewards of the land and water for the future. Our overall theme at the nature center is, "Where there is water, there is life". This exhibit will raise the level of understanding to, "Where there is healthy water, there is healthy life". This free and new exhibit will keep visitors coming back time and again to continue learning and exploring the Fountain Creek Watershed.

How will this impact your community?

Humans are an integral part of nature and the Fountain Creek Landscape.  Environmental education includes understanding the human impact on the environment as well as understanding plant and animal connections.  The Cultural History exhibit will help visitors understand their important role in how humans have impacted the land, have contributed to water pollution, and how humans can help clean it up and live in closer harmony with the environment!

The Cultural History exhibit will be a professionally designed and fabricated exhibit, open and free to the community, five days a week, where people can learn about the human history of Fountain Creek.  Residents, visitors, school students, nature campers, old and young will be captivated by the interactive components of the exhibit.  Thousands of students in grades Pre-K through high school from over seven different school districts who come to the nature center for Environmental Education field trips will be introduced not only to the natural history, but also the human history of the creek.  This interactive exhibit will raise awareness of the impact of human actions on the landscape, on our water and on our watershed.  It will improve the public’s understanding of how humans have changed and negatively affected the water and how humans can have a positive affect once understanding is established

About us!

El Paso County Parks acquired the first parcel of the Fountain Creek Regional Park in 1985 and acquired additional parcels as recently as 2006.  It is a spectacular location for introducing people to a plains/riparian/wetlands ecosystem in an otherwise dry and arid climate. Fountain Creek Nature Center was completed in 1992 by resolution of the Board of County Commissioners and is situated on a terrace overlooking the Fountain Creek floodplain.  It offers a unique window into the park.  Five biological communities, the creek, woodlands, meadow, marsh and pond are represented here and host a wide diversity of wildlife including over 280 species of birds. This year Fountain Creek Nature Center celebrating its 25th Anniversary! Our mission is to connect people to their natural and cultural resources and inspire them to become stewards for the parks and our environment. 


Our timeline for this exhibit is to contract with a local text writer in July, request installation proposals in August and have our exhibit finished by December of 2017.

Nancy Stone Bernard
Fountain Creek Nature Center Sup
Tiffany Johnson
El Paso County Parks Clerk
Dana Nordstrom
Community Outreach Coordinator

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August 9, 2017 - Campaign Update

El Paso County Parks would like to thank all of our donors that have raised to date $32,224 towards the Fountain Creek Pathway to History Cultural exhibit! Your HELP to raise the remaining $17,776 to get us to goal is needed. THANK YOU!

August 23, 2017 - Thank You!

Thank you Anne for your donation to the Fountain Creek is the Pathway of History. We appreciate you!

August 17, 2017 - Thank you!

Thank you Susan Wilson for making your generous donation to the Fountain Creek is the Pathway of History exhibit! Have a great outdoor day!

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