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Twin City Tennis Courts

Impact Area: Health and Wellness, Social Equity
Region: Mid West

Repair and resurface 2 tennis courts at Twin City Park. Make a safe reliable place for the community to gather be outside.

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About this project.

The Foss Park District is looking to repair and resurface two tennis courts at one of our community parks, Twin City Park.  In the past tennis programs flourished, bringing the game to many people that didn't think they would be participating in the sport.  However, over time the elements and abuse of the courts have made them unusable.  This renovation project will provide safe activities for the community and start a tennis program to bring people of all ages together.  With updated courts, tennis can become an activity singles and families can enjoy and become more fit.

We would like to bring this program back due to an overwhelming love for the game.  The park's location is in an area where we are focusing our attention to provide a safe haven for activities and sports.  This location has many uses and the tennis courts are a key part of the different functions of this park.

How will this impact your community?

Renovated tennis courts will enhance the current park and show the Foss Park District has a vested interest in the community and the well-being of its participants.  We look forward to having an area available to the residents and non-residents to come to the park and enjoy updated amenities.

As of right now the tennis courts are an eye-sore and are only used for activities other than tennis, leaving no place in our community for tennis to be learned, played, and enjoyed. 

This once thriving community needs to see that the park district is taking steps to enhance their community park with options and other improvements.  We believe that this will also draw non-residents out to the park and become advocates of the community and facilities.  A renovated facility will help promote our get out and play initiative that we are pushing district wide.

About us!

Foss Park District is a park district that has been around for 110 years.  Our boundaries encompass all of North Chicago, Illinois and reach into two neighboring towns to our north and south.

North Chicago is a low income area with low property values and a high tax rate, making it difficult for tax entities like our self prosper.  To help subsidize projects, the Foss Park District is always searching for additional means of revenue to maximize our projects and provide quality facilities that are deserved by everyone.

Part of Foss Park District's mission is to provide safe areas and programs for our community, residents and non-residents alike.  Bringing a nice facility to a community in need can go a long way in improving people physically and morally.


We are looking to have this project started and completed by October 2017.  In Illinois we are limited to the amount of time we have for outdoor play and activity, so we are trying to move forward with this project quickly but efficiently.  Our goal is to be completed this year and allow the community to look forward to a full summer in 2018.

Kari Cowart
Executive Director
Melvin Allen
Recreation Supervisor
Brad Skof
Business Manager
Pam Johnson
Senior Coordinator
Frankye Brooks
Recreation Coordinator
Shelia Tate
Childcare Coordinator

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