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Poplar Street Park Tot Playground

Impact Area: Health and Wellness
Region: Northeast

The Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation and Community Services is installing a 2 to 5 year old play structure at the Poplar Street Park.

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About this project.

The Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation and Community Services (GEARS) is installing a play structure designed for 2 to 5 year old at the Poplar Street Park.  This park is a very busy park with the number of athletics that take place there along with our Kids Center program that runs out of the GEARS Community Center that is at the park as well.  

Currently the site has a playground designed for 5 to 12 year old users and recently GEARS has embarked on upgrading the playground area with the installation of a sensory garden/play area and the final step in the upgrade process is the installation of a 2 to 5 year old play structure.

GEARS prides its self on being a key part of our community and offering not only recreational programs and community services, but the ability to offer the most recent and up to date recreational equipment and outdoor play opportunity.

What we are most proud of is that this unit will meet the needs of many of our residents in our community and help give families with children of varying ages a safe and fun place to go to recreate and have fun.  As this site is in the center of Elizabethtown and we have a diverse socioeconomic make up in Elizabethtown this will meet the needs of all.

GEARS is planning on having the newest addition to the playground completed in the lat fall of 2017 or early 2018.  

How will this impact your community?

The installation of the 2 to 5 year old play structure will give community an opportunity to have a complete recreational experience at the Poplar Street Park.  By offering appropriate play structures, a sensory garden/play area, walking path, and athletic facilities such as baseball fields, football fields, inline hockey rink.  This is a well rounded recreational experience that meet the needs of all socio-economic back grounds as well.  

This site can be reached by foot through an extensive trail system that Elizabethtown Borough has built over the past few years or by car with a parking area that is at the Community Center.


About us!

The Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation and Community Services (GEARS) is a non-profit recreation consortium made up of member organizations, those members are Elizabethtown Borough, Elizabethtown School District, West Donegal Township, and Mount Joy Township.  

In January 2000, after nearly 2 years of extensive planning, GEARS (Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation & Community Services) began providing services to the Elizabethtown Area. GEARS represents a merger of the EACSA and EARC. Services provided include administration, scheduling of resources, a community center, child care program, recreation and a senior center.

When you get into GEARS you become part of something bigger, your community. It’s where you live and we’re here to do one thing, make it better.

Opportunities to meet new people, grow as a person and just have fun at any age, can be summed up in three simple words.



The current time line for the Poplar Street Park Tot Lot:

July 2017           Finalize funding sources
August 2017           Order equipment
September 2017  Equipment arrives
October 2017  Site prep and equipment installation
November 2017 Final Site clean-up and Playground opening

Doug Knauss
Program/Sponsorship Coordinator

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